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LobsterPot Solutions™ is proud to be a Gold Competency Partner in the Microsoft Partner Network.

Australia’s only Parallel Data Warehouse trainer

In fact, not just Australia – but in the whole Asian region!

When Microsoft ran training in Parallel Data Warehouse in Australia, LobsterPot Solutions sent three staff members. PDW is a growing area which is going to be of vital importance for many organisations as they need to meet the needs of ever-expanding data, and naturally of great interest to SQL-centric companies like LobsterPot. Following the course that Rob Farley attended, he travelled to Auckland and became the first PDW trainer in the Asian region outside Microsoft.

Within Australia there are a number of organisations that are now capable of implementing a PDW solution for a customer, but only LobsterPot Solutions can also provide a trainer to make sure that staff have received the necessary training to get the most out of a PDW implementation.

This post was originally published on February 10, 2014.