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Responsibility with data

In this article about responsibility with data, LobsterPot Solutions’ Rob Farley explores what it means to be responsible with data, particularly in the current time when everyone has an interest in the numbers about COVID-19. http://blogs.lobsterpot.com.au/2020/04/14/responsibility-with-data/

Developing a data culture when talking is harder

Developing a data culture is no easy task. Having a culture where people look to the data to understand what’s going on is incredibly useful no matter whether it’s to address big-picture questions or the minutiae of individual situations. And typically organisations have a lot more data than they expect, so it’s quite realistic to […]

T-SQL Tuesday posts from Rob

In December 2009 T-SQL Tuesday started. It was the brainchild of Adam Machanic, who thought it would be quite neat to invite bloggers to write on the same topic. The idea caught on, and next month (November 2019) will see the completion of ten years of T-SQL Tuesday topics. And our own Rob Farley has […]

Presentation season!

It seems to be the time for presentations for the LobsterPot Solutions team again. Last week, Rob got back from a trip to Poland where he was one of the Special Guest speakers at SQLDay in Wrocław, the others being PASS President Grant Fritchey and SentryOne Plan Explorer’s Product Manager Aaron Bertrand (who has been […]

Manu’s post on Transactional Replication to Azure

Over on our Blogs Site, Manu has put together a great article about Transactional Replication to Azure SQL DB, which hit General Availability this week.

Blog site now live

For well over ten years, Rob has been blogging, writing technical articles on a variety of topics. It’s about time we brought those posts in-house, as well as providing a location for other team members to post. Rob will continue to provide articles for sqlperformance.com, but his backlog of posts, along with other new material […]

PowerShell Intro

Rob Farley recently wrote a introduction piece about PowerShell for sqlperformance.com. If you’re a SQL Server user or an Azure user, and you’re not using PowerShell, then you should go and read https://sqlperformance.com/2017/09/sql-performance/need-to-know-powershell

Three Australian MVPs again

It’s been a while since we’ve had three Australian Data Platform MVPs within the company. We’ve been there before, in the time between Martin Cairney’s award and Julie Koesmarno’s leaving to join Microsoft. But as of today we’re back at three as the amazing Manohar Punna joins the company (the other two MVPs being Rob […]

Big SQL Server news

There were a couple of big announcements from Microsoft overnight at the “Connect(); // 2016” event in New York. Each of these will potentially be huge for the SQL Server engine.

Panellist Martin at the Churchill Club meeting

Writing this, the meeting is tonight (July 14th)! LobsterPot Solutions are sponsoring the Churchill Club’s event that’s being held at The Cluster in Melbourne (which is where our offices are), and Martin has been asked to appear on the panel. It’s a discussion about data – the collection of data, the analysis of data, and […]