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Once again, presenting at the PASS Summit

Every year that LobsterPot Solutions has been sending people to the PASS Summit, we’ve also had presenters. From 2010 when Rob Farley attended his first PASS Summit, through to this year, that’s seven consecutive years of having LobsterPot Solutions’ employees on the presenter list. And it hasn’t just been Rob Farley who has been presenting – in fact, Rob didn’t present in 2012 or 2014. But Martin Cairney and former employees Julie Koesmarno and Roger Noble have given presentations while on the team.


The talk Rob’s giving this year is on In-Memory Operational Analytics (follow the link to read the actual abstract at the SQLPASS site). The technologies of Hekaton, Columnstore, and R, are incredibly powerful by themselves, but when used together can provide for some business-impacting solutions. It’s a beginner-level session, so it’s not going to be exploring the depths of how some of the different scenarios work, but he’ll cover what you need to know, and open to your eyes to the potential of these technologies.

This post was originally published on June 26, 2016.