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LobsterPot Solutions is an Australian SQL Server and Business Intelligence consultancy, offering consultancy and training services. LobsterPot Solutions specialises in the Microsoft Data Platform, including Power BI, SQL Server and Azure, from data resilience to data analytics, to Big Data and IoT, and of course performance tuning, health checks, and more. With experts in both Melbourne and Adelaide, we can help your organisation become more data-driven.

LobsterPot Solutions is a company of firsts. When the Microsoft Partner Network went live, we were the first company in Australia to become a Gold Competency Partner, the first in the world to gain the Gold Competency in Business Intelligence. Since then we have become the first to employ three Australian SQL MVPs, the first company in the whole Asian region to have an APS / PDW trainer on staff, and have been involved in training other trainers in the region.

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Why bother with database professionals?

April 10, 2011

Tuesday, November 02, 2010 5:49 PM
(Rob Farley’s Blog Post)

Considering that I run a database consultancy, I should be fairly biased on this question, and suggest that you can’t possibly cope without database professionals – except that I don’t really believe it all that much. I do believe it, and I’ll demonstrate why in this post – but the question of whether or not you actually get proper database people in or not isn’t quite as clear as you’d maybe think.

At university, I skipped the database subject – people said it was easy marks, but I was more interested in doing subjects that appealed to me, rather than ones that I thought would be boring and simple. I did Pure Maths subjects though, ones like Number Theory, Logic, and Set Theory. And in my Computing degree, I did interesting subjects like Machine Learning (using the LISP language), and Programming Paradigms (using Prolog and Haskell).


When I left university and got a job in a consultancy doing software development, I found that databases were a necessary part of just about every project we did. The language of choice for interfaces was VB3 back then (although on many projects it was PL/SQL too), but there was also a lot of database code needed, in either PL/SQL or T-SQL.

Databases just clicked with me, fitting in my Maths background better than I could have imagined, but with a combination of using different paradigms to fit the situation, basically being prepared to change hats into something that was List-focussed when using LISP, or Logic-focussed for Prolog, I found that I could quite easily fit into a Set-focussed paradigm for the data work. I also noticed that many of the people around me didn’t do this, and that their code generally paid the price for their lack of adaptability.

Later, when I managed to work out that it would be good to specialise, I chose SQL Server as the area that I wanted to specialise in, and have pushed further into the set-focussed paradigm. In the BI space, it applies even more. I enjoy MDX as a language, largely because I feel that it’s even closer to Set Theory than its T-SQL cousin. T-SQL seems remarkably forgiving for those people who don’t approach it with the right hat, whereas MDX seems to require the right approach.

And so I come back to the original question. I don’t know whether your organisation needs database professionals*, but I do know that your organisation needs people who can apply the right paradigm to their work, which means having a set-focussed paradigm for database work. If your non-database people fit this, and also possess the appropriate respect for data (and many other temperaments which are useful), then perhaps you already have people who will do.

*But if you would like to get some database professionals in, feel free to contact LobsterPot Solutions, of course. 😉

Time away from a growing company

April 10, 2011

Tuesday, September 21, 2010 3:14 PM
(from Rob Farley’s Blog)

At LobsterPot, I’m very blessed to have excellent staff working for me. Someone asked me just today why we haven’t grown more than we have in the past year, but in just over a year I’ve brought on 3 staff members and have another one starting next month. And these aren’t sub-contractors – they’re actual employees. There are others I haven’t managed to get on board, but the company is strong and growing nicely.

Now, I’m taking a trip to the UK for a few weeks. I’m speaking at the excellent conference SQLBits, giving a sold-out pre-conference seminar and then giving two presentations on the subsequent days. It’s the second one I’ve done, and I really feel a connection with many of the UK SQL Community. I can list many good friends there, but am afraid to do it by name in case I miss someone.


While I’m away, I leave my company LobsterPot in good hands. Roger, David and Ben all have good relationships with our clients. I already trust them with the company name, and have no hesitation in telling my clients to contact them while I’m away. Ashley will be the same when he comes on board. I imagine that I will still want to be checking emails regularly, putting the odd document together, and so on – but the day-to-day activity of looking after clients is well in hand.

This year, our company has grown significantly. We had secured Gold Partner status with Microsoft when there were just two of us, based on having the necessary MCPs with subcontractors and plenty of happy clients. Since then though, the Partner Program has been transitioning into the Partner Network. In the past week we’ve received confirmation that we are eligible for the Gold Competency in Business Intelligence, as well as Silver Competencies in the Data Platform, Portals and Collaboration, Web Development and Software Development – the main areas that we use to complement our Business Intelligence offering. We currently have the Learning competency as well, but I don’t yet know if that will be transferred into a Silver Competency. I’d like it to, as Learning is definitely part of what we do, and one of our core values.

It feels strange going away for a few weeks, but I know the guys will continue to excel.

LobsterPot Solutions welcomes a new consultant!

April 10, 2011

Tuesday May 25, 2010 9:09:00 PM
(From David Gardiner’s Blog)

LobsterPot Solutions welcomed its newest member – Roger Noble! Since leaving UniSA he’s been specialising in SharePoint development, which will be a great asset for LobsterPot’s Business Intelligence expertise. View his full picture and bio on our bio page.