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PASS Summit pre-conference seminar by Rob Farley

PASSSummit2011The annual PASS Summit in North America is the largest SQL Server event in the world. There is no other event on its scale anywhere. So it is with great honour that LobsterPot’s Rob Farley will be delivering a pre-conference seminar at the 2011 event, held in Seattle from October 11-14.


The seminar that Rob will be delivering is a slightly-modified version of the one that he delivered at the SQLBits conference in the UK in 2010, and is called “Fixing Queries Using Advanced T-SQL Constructs”. The details of both it and the other LobsterPot submissions for the PASS Summit can be seen at http://lobsterpot.com.au/lobsterpot-submissions-for-sqlpass.

The official announcement from PASS about the chosen seminars will be around June 1st, and the announcement about breakout sessions is expected to be a few weeks later.

This post was originally published on May 27, 2011.