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LobsterPot Solutions™ is proud to be a Gold Competency Partner in the Microsoft Partner Network.

Why the name?

People often ask “Why the name? Why call a data-consulting company LobsterPot Solutions?”

Well, the funny name is no mistake – it was a deliberate branding decision, to create a company with a culture that stands out.

Most IT company names fit into one of a few categories: the three letter acronym; the made-up word; the non-descript; or the founder’s name. It’s not hard to think of a few examples in each category. There are plenty of well-known companies.

But before those companies were well-known, did they have a memorable name? When you first discover a company, by word-of-mouth, or reading about them somehow, what is there to help the name stick in the mind?

LobsterPot Solutions – the name – doesn’t fit into any of those categories, but the name certainly sticks. Everybody asks about the name, and everyone remembers it. The logo stands out on a list of companies.

And it is our hope that the company stands out too.

We try to be different to other companies. We try to help our clients have the best experience within the Microsoft data platform, to help them transform their organisations through data, and to respond to issues that they may be facing. We stop what we’re doing to address urgent issues, and we show you how we’re doing our work so that you can become self-sufficient. And we stand up for integrity.

We’re not like other companies. We stand out, to help you stand out.

And again – everybody asks.