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Shift From a Culture of Blame to a Culture of Trust.

You need your databases to be one of your core assets when changing to a data-driven culture. But at the moment, your databases aren’t performing at their best, and you have limited visibility into the data. You need confidence in your data so that you can use it effectively.

Facilitating a shift toward data-driven decision-making requires strategic vision, careful planning, and solid technology. But if you’re not familiar with working with data, it can be difficult to know where to start and what questions to ask.

LobsterPot Solutions is Your Data Platform Partner in Australia.

LobsterPot Solutions helps you scale and optimise your database systems to move to a more data-driven culture. From performance tuning and availability, to data warehousing and data quality consulting, we deliver data solutions for improved decision-making.

You want a partner like LobsterPot on your journey. With us, you get the perfect mix of data platform strategists and SQL Server technologists. We can advise your CTO on cloud strategy while tuning performance right inside the T-SQL queries.

Faster Performance.
More Stability.
Better Digital Experiences.

Faster Performance.
More Stability.
Better Digital Experiences.

Imagine asking questions of your data with the confidence to trust the answers you get. By helping your data ecosystem become more available, scalable, and affordable, you can make your organisation thrive.

LobsterPot Solutions delivers data solutions that create better outcomes in the Microsoft Data Platform. You get reliable enterprise database consulting with a data analytics strategy that supports your business’ growth.

Data Platform

Tune slow queries and solve performance problems for good. We also help you strategise for modernisation—this helps you update workloads, adopt new technologies, and deliver innovation at any scale.

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Data Analytics

Give your business users access to key analytics, through reporting such as Power BI and provide insight in every department and business unit. We can take on the journey to understand and visualise your data.

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Data Culture

Trust your data more so that you can make better business decisions. We don’t just want to make technical changes, we also want to make cultural changes too, helping you overcome the barriers to using, trusting, and leveraging your data.

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What Our Clients Say:

How We Work Together.


Speak with a Senior SQL Consultant to review the problems you're facing, including identifying quick-wins.


We sit down, prioritise, and partner together to help you reach your business goals.


We will work to provide you with a solution that respects your data and empowers your business.