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October 8, 2006

All the talks this weekend have been great. Almost every talk has a bunch of things that I really hadn't appreciated before. All 5 SQL MVPs from Australia are here, plus Itzik (from Israel) and a few non-SQL MVPs from Australia.

I would've liked there to have been a few more people here from my user-group in Adelaide, but I do appreciate it's a long way to come. There are two, plus me.

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  1. Matt Hamilton

    Sorry I missed it now, Rob, but Andrew (crucible) has blogged in so much detail that I feel like I was there! He raved about your session, by the way.

    Are you going to make your slides available online? Did you even use slides? 🙂

  2. robfarley

    I didn’t use many slides… I mainly used scripts. And yes, I will make them available. Soon I hope.

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