I’m on the MS Developer Podcast

October 10, 2006

I'm listening to myself right now on the The Microsoft Developer Show from The Podcast Network, being interviewed about certification. The link is http://msdev.thepodcastnetwork.com/2006/10/10/the-microsoft-developer-show-9-certification

I do talk too fast – that's a pain. I really need to work on that, especially if it's being recorded for a podcast. I don't talk so fast on the ones that I record myself (but they're not technical, and I'm just talking to myself, not to someone like Nick).

The show notes scare me a little. I see a mention of Dave Lemphers at 4:01. I like Dave a lot – great guy. When I saw his name there though, I thought "Oh, I don't remember mentioning Dave…", and wondered what it was about, considering some of his views on the MVP program.

Having listened to it, it's not too bad, except that I talk too long at the end (what – Rob talking too much? Can't be true…).

I'm happy to promote certification, and also to encourage people (both candidates and employers) to think higher of the certifications. After all, we really do need to know how people know.

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