Seattle in Virtual Earth 3D (Beta)

November 13, 2006

Ok, so there aren’t many cities available in Virtual Earth 3D (Beta) yet, but it’s still very cool. I did some moving around Seattle, and quite easily found the standard shot of the Space Needle with the city and Mount Rainier in the background. You can see it at


Now, wouldn’t this be even better if it could detect some photos that people had taken of it, and place a Photosynth-style picture on top of this? Keep the street labels and stuff like that, so that you can actually see what’s going on, but use the ‘hybrid’ concept to be able to get a photo-real map. Then making the photos smarter could really start to see some incredible technology.

I’m sure this will be available in Firefox soon too, but for now, IE is the tool of choice.

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  1. boggo

    ie is never the tool of choice, its just the tool of necessity when a site is browser dependent…

  2. robfarley

    Well, each to his own. I like Firefox for seeing what works, but I have lots of good reason for using both.

    …particularly when putting sites together.

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