My brother – not quite a Hawk yet

November 27, 2006

Well, my brother hasn’t quite joined an AFL side yet, but maybe he’ll get in through the Rookie Draft on Dec 12. He’s not one of the big names expected, but then again, a few months ago he wasn’t expecting to even be training with Hawthorn.

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  1. Clarke

    Aren’t you a soccer fan?

    Must have been a confused house to grow up in…you know roundball and all that!

    BTW I’d love your feedback on

    We released a blog widget today 😉

  2. robfarley

    Got an RSS feed for (or /news if you prefer)?

    And yeah – I’m not a big AFL fan. But as for growing up… I left home when Jonathan was only 7 – long before he got into the game.

  3. Clarke

    no nooizFeed at this stage but it is coming 🙂

    and thanks for adding ya profile

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