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November 30, 2006

Last night I attended my first ACS Branch Executive Committee (SA) meeting. It was certainly quite interesting. Great to meet the other people, even some of those who are stepping down from the committee now (presumably to be replaced by me!).

The new chairman, Reg Coutts seems like a very interesting guy who has great ambition for the ACS to do a better job of all kinds of things. I will enjoy talking to him throughout the year and trying to help goals be scored. The outgoing chair, Brenda Aynsley has a lot of energy, and it will be interesting to see what happens under the new leadership.

One of the things that I found was quite interesting is that the ACS doesn’t seem to have much of a virtual community, and I’d like to see that change. The ACS is fairly unique in the fact that it doesn’t have a commonality amongst its members in the same way that user-groups tend to. User-groups are generally focussed around particular interests, such as SQL Server or Java, or whatever. But the ACS tries to help address things that effect the industry as a whole, which obviously has many different challenges to user-groups, but I think is just as noble – if not more so.

The BEC intranet now has a Wiki (interestingly, the ACS’s IT Architecture SIG has one too, at to be able to help maintain the content that needs to be shared amongst the committee, and I’m keen to see this grow into other online collaboration tools to help the ACS be far more effective. And even being able to partner with other international equivalents. The ACS ought to be able to use online community to achieve a lot, and hopefully find ways to innovate in this area. 

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  1. Yasas

    Yes,,an intersting year is ahead of us. I am also joining the BEC new, and am really looking forward to it. I too think ACS should develop a strong Virtual Community, because for ever evolving IT industry, it is essential.

    (My blog is at I am new to blogging even though I have been admiring the concept for a long time, looking forward to be an active blogger)

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