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November 30, 2006

So I was at the Ready Summit this week, and was amused to see that amongst the stuff in the ‘showbag’, there were a couple of pamphlets (which I should’ve kept, scanned and showed you for entertainment value) advertising MSDN and TechNet. At the bottom of them (which is where the entertainment factor came in), there was an advert for the blogs that the Australian team run for MSDN and TechNet. The MSDN one had a link to Scott Fletcher’s AusDev blog, and the TechNet one had a link to, umm… well, it didn’t. It mentioned a blog, but didn’t tell you where it was.

So I’m going to!

It’s at

But I think this is still the wrong place. Great blogs both (hope they fix the links to soon). Well, not so much that it’s the wrong place, but these blogs should be an aggregation of the blogs of the appropriate Technical Specialists and members of the DPE team. Don’t just read these two blogs, read all the blogs of people in the Australian IT community. Start by looking at the links to other blogs, down the side of Frank Arrigo’s blog.

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