Simulation questions in 70-431

December 1, 2006

Earlier this year I was one of four people who wrote a bunch of simulation questions for 70-431. Today I heard from someone who has sat the exam with that content in it. It’s great to get feedback on them, because it really helps Microsoft Learning work out how to improve the exams even more.

If you’re reading this and have done the exam with the simulation content, please feel free to drop me a line (rob_farley at me what you thought of them. Don’t comment on my blog, because that’s public… but feel free to send me an email directly to let me know your thoughts. If you’re worried about non-disclosure, you can confirm I’ve done the exam myself by checking out my MCP transcript – use 707979 and Adelaide to get access.

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  1. robfarley

    No, that would be cheating. You should use SQL2005 for a while and then try the exam.

  2. Fred

    This website looks absolutly unuseless 🙂

  3. Goggs

    Where can I get the simulation questions for 70-431?

  4. robfarley

    The trick is to sit the exam. If you know the product, you’ll pass. If you don’t, you might get some hints about what to study for before you try it again.

  5. Stan Segers

    Hi Rob,

    Do you know what the current average of simulations on the total number of questions is? When I sat the exam (while it was still in Beta) there weren’t any simulations…

    And what is the actual depth of the sims, does it only test if people have ever seen the product, or does it ask to complete tasks (like create an index or maintenance plan, or perform a restore)?

  6. robfarley

    Actually I don’t, and it will probably vary. The simulations are relatively new, they certainly weren’t in there during the original beta phase.

    Like all questions, the sims are designed to test your knowledge of SQL Server. It’s not just “Have you seen this before?”, it’s much more like “Do you know you how to use this?”

  7. alp

    Where can I get the simulation questions for 70-431? plsssssssssssss

  8. robfarley

    alp – just sit the exam, and you’ll be given some. Otherwise, try using the product for a while, and you’ll soon work out what you’re doing. That should prepare you enough for these questions.

  9. Desiree

    it seems no one knows where to get the simulations from – I suppose cuase they are new. I wrote my exam in South Africa and all the theory in the exam was only for research purposes. the only section that counted any marks consisted of the simulations counting 30 marks each. Mainly how to create a backup, restore, create a database, deleting a user with activity, etc.

  10. Kumar

    I gave the exam today and failed …can you please tell me if number of clicks (invalid or blocked) or pressing reset button several times make any difference on the score ? also the questions set for reviewing …do i have to reset the steps everytime? I also want to know if you need to click ‘OK’ (in SQL after doing all the steps) in each question where it is available in the simulation…also about the time , what if you exceed the time limit to complete the exam? do the number of questions change everytime like i got 35 mcq / 15 sims does the number change say if i take it tommorow or day after?

  11. VG

    I believe you need to pass both the sections MCQ/SIMS, and your score would be the least of these sections. SIMS mostly consist of familiarity of SSMS, backups, security concerns etc..

  12. Dish

    I attented 70-431 & I please u to send me dumps of 70-431 at dishan[at]

  13. A

    I cleared my 70-431 yesterday. 35 questions and 15 simulation question. out of 35 questions I can say around 10 are easy, 15 are medium , 5 difficult and 5 are really difficult.

    Simulation questions are on average, you should be fimilar with the product so some extend. In short if you do not have experience in SQL Server for alteast 2 years. Do not even attempt it is not worth it. I have more than 8 years of SQL Server and cleared 6.5, 7 and 2000 and now 2005.

    My score was just 700 which is the minimum to pass.

  14. Rob Farley

    Congrats! A pass is a pass. And yes, to be able to pass, you should have used the product!

  15. Mjahr

    I am an MCSE 2003 going for the DB stuff by default. My new position requires it. I have done every thing that Desiree describes and I hope that your close. The Sims are the only thing that I am scared of… Thanks for the heads up. This is the only site I have found with info on the Sims. Thanks for the info.

    I take the 70-431 Monday.

  16. Kristinn

    Well I have taken the exam 2 now in the past weeks failed both times with the score of 630.
    I would say that the MC questions are easy, was way over 960 on those, but the simulations are somewhat of an enigma to me. The problem with failing this exam is that you get no hints what so ever on where you are lacking knowledge. But lets hop the third time is a charm.
    I’ll send you some info on what could be made to make the sims better.

  17. Mjahr

    Has anyone gone on to the 443 exam. I am wondering if it has sims in it. I would assume not since it is a desgin exam. None of the other desing exams I have taken had sims… any help is appreciated..

    Oh yeah, I passed the 431. The sims are tough.

  18. Rob Farley

    I don’t think there are sims in 443 yet. I haven’t heard of any being put together.

    And sure, the sims are tough. But if you know the product, you might’ve found them easy.

    Good luck. 🙂


  19. MCA

    Keep the ball’s rolling Rob!
    I hope MS puts more simulation on all exams. It makes cert admirable (again). Actually, for SQL Server and networking topics, I highly recommended that all questions should be simulation or hands on lab.

    It’s rather difficult to make developer exams as simulation or lab (how to examine the code that maybe varies?).

    I really don’t understand why MS don’t go directly like RHCE or NCLP which 100% practicum based, lab exam. I recently sat NCLP test which is hands on lab exam. It’s totally test my real skill. I also have access to manual which is already installed. That’s like the real job, you won’t able to solve the problem if you don’t know the stuff. Even you have access to the online help.

  20. Rob Farley

    Yeah, I’d love to see more simulations in more exams. But you’re right – it’s very hard to evaluate things. But that’s where a mix can be good. Use simulations for those questions where it’s really testing your experience with the product, but multiple choice to be able to identify the correct option.

    But hopefully there will soon be emulations which will actually use unit-testing to determine if you got the question right or not.

  21. Greg

    Rob or anyone: Can you give some insight to what Kumar asked. “if number of clicks (invalid or blocked) or pressing reset button several times make any difference on the score “. I took the exam yesterday and failed. I thought I answered correctly most of the performance sims, but ended up around 50% on the scale. I clicked on several areas that were blocked and now wondering if that made the difference.

    I agree with MCA about real-world testing. In the real-world it’s more about how you apply your skills than memorization of commands (which I can usually lookup/google). Sims and having access to, at least, the MSDN Library would be a better measure of real-world than test taking skills – IMHO. Maybe reduce the testing time which would force you to at least have a clue.

    BTW: It had about 35 ?’s and 15 sims.

  22. Rob Farley

    No, Kumar & Greg. It doesn’t.

    You’re right about sims. When they get to that stage, it will be much better. I think it’s far more complicated to put those types of questions out there though. Much bigger downloads for the exam providers, of course…


  23. Manish

    I also failed & my non performance Q&A is 100% correct & i am sure that around 4 sims are right then also i got around 425.
    Why it is like that. What is main criteria when calculating marks for the same.
    Rob Farley can you explain how it is calculated
    I have changed my sims multiple times without reset i.e. i have clicked on many area.

  24. Rob Farley

    I’m not sure how people can be so sure that they got 100% in multiple choice questions without cheating. But when people fail on the simulation questions, I have to assume they don’t know their stuff.

    I can’t explain how it’s calculated, it’s subject to change anyway.

  25. Manish Joisar

    Its not always like if i am sure that i got 100% means i have done cheating for that.
    This is the 1st time i am giving exam for any certification. And i am not sure how they calculate total for the same.

    In my result i got strong in non performance & need development remark in performance based items. And that what i means that i got 100% in multiple choice. Its because i actually confused when it start with simulation & that’s y i can’t perform in that.

    And that’s why i think i will ask person who can give me the right advice but i think i am wrong. Its not always that if you fail in simulation it means you don’t know your stuff.

  26. Rob Farley


    It’s just that I know that many people do cheat on these exams. And this is often exhibited by a much stronger result on the multiple-choice questions than on the simulations. If you understand the principles being tested, this should reflect in both sides of the exam, not just the multiple-choice.

    If your result indicated that you did get 100% in the multiple choice section, then congratulations. But without being able to transfer that knowledge to the actual product, I’m not sure that your skills are worth certification.

    I hope you didn’t cheat, and I’m sorry that your results are similar to those that I’ve come across when people have cheated.

    My advice to you is to concentrate on learning how to apply the knowledge you have to the actual product. Familiarity with the effect of choosing particular options within the user interface will certainly help improve your marks.


  27. Manish


    Thanks for your valuable advice.

    I will do that what you told

    Thanks again


  28. John

    Hey Rob – great site – I am a SQL2005 DBA using it for 2 years now so think I will do ok – one question – how much does this test focus on Service Broker, end points, etc? we are using that functionality here so I guess I can focus on studying BOL for that? Thanks!

    juantana at hotmail dot com

  29. bukkakkeface

    what is a passing grade?

  30. Rob Farley

    A passing grade is simply “You have demonstrated that you are a qualified candidate”. The number of correct answers that this corresponds to changes from exam to exam – but typically is represented as 70%. It could be that you actually get 50% of the questions correct, but that it’s a particularly hard exam and research has demonstrated that qualified candidates are only expected to score 50%. On the other hand, you could be required to score 90%.

    I can’t go into the details about how this type of thing works out – other than to say that if you know the product, and you are a “qualified candidate”, you should pass. If you’re not, then you will probably fail.

    Good luck though!

  31. Soraya

    How much emphasis is placed on XML in the exam ?

  32. Rob Farley

    I can’t really say. Do you consider that XML is an important skill for database implementation and maintenance? If so, make sure it’s one of the arrows in your quiver. If not, then perhaps try the exam without it.

  33. angel

    I have given the exam and i cudn clear it. i didn know about the simulation questions and no one told me abt it.

    Can you please give me some sample simulation questions before i appear for teh same once more.

    Please send it to


  34. Rob Farley

    Sorry Angel – I don’t have sample simulation questions to give out. You’ve seen the exam once, so hopefully you know what to expect now.

  35. Priya Sinha

    Hi Rob,

    I have taken the 70-431 yesterday and it was okay. I never knew that I was going to get simulation but I managed to pass. Simulation was bit confusing to use when I started and I was not able to use it properly but since this section has 1.5 hrs I was able to cope with it afterwards after struggling with it a bit at start.


  36. Angel

    Can any one please send the dumps of Simulation questions to my id. i didn know about this simulation questions before appearing for teh exam. i lost teh 1st attempt. luckly i have a 2nd attempt and i wan to clear in it.

    Please help


  37. Smooner

    I failed with a 600 yesterday. I did strong on the QA part but the simulation did me in due to me not knowing how to do certain things on the SSMS because I use 3rd party programs for backups.


    I know my stuff as I’ve been a SQL DBA for 7 years. When you are presented with questions like…

    The backup needs to be the smallest size or not disrupt log shipping is a little too broad.

    I backup with SQL lightspeed so I’m not all that familar with the SSMS so I will beef up on that for my re-test.

  38. ADeveloper

    I have passed the exam on second try, I failed the first time I took the exam I was surprised with simulations (I did not know that there are simulations).

    The simulations for the first time for me were confusing, because when I was confirming the changes that I made it was closing the window and it was showing me a message to go back to the previous window, reset, etc. I was scared that I ended the exam. The message itself was confusing for me, so I decided to make the changes and not confirm with OK, thinking that that was enough. So that was the reason why I failed the first time.

    I answered the same way for the second time (thinking that that was the problem) because I was sure that I answered as I should for the first time and I passed it.

    It is good to give some explanation for the once that take the exam on how to answer the questions not to create confusion within simulations with some messages in the center of the screen.

    I have experienc with SQL Server for more than 6 years (first SQL 2000 and then SQL 2005).

    All the best,

  39. Milen

    I can’t agree with Rob, MCA and all other guys who support the simulation because one important thing. I went on MS course that should prepare me for the exam. Unfortunatly I didn’t passed it. I had 100% on question part and 65% on the simulation part. I spend lots of money for this course and the teacher opened the studio only 3 times. I need to pass this exam because of my dynamic certification. I don’t have experience with SQL server and I don’t need it for my job. I think that MS should consider two SQL exams one for administrators which must include simulations and one for users which don’t include sumulations.
    Hope you understant the idea of my post (sory for my English, I know that is not a perfect one)

  40. Rob Farley


    I’m sorry – but the fault is with your instructor, not the exam. When I teach the courses that are designed to prepare people for this exam (2779 and 2780), the students spend a lot of time in Management Studio.

    If your instructor did any other course to prepare you for the exam, the point that you got 100% in the multiple-choice section, then I would be tempted to question the integrity of the instructor – was he/she just teaching the course to get you through the exam, or was the main point to give you skills in SQL Server?


  41. Faiz Farazi

    70-431 -I have passed the exam on First time.
    If You finish all the tutorial will be good for exam.Exam is not harder than MCSE exam -70-291.
    Good Luck
    Faiz Farazi,

  42. Milen

    Hi Rob,
    I think you are right… may be the problem is the teacher not the exam. Tomorrow I’ll try to pass the exam again. The main point of the course was to prepare us for the exam. As I mention before I need the exam passed for my Dynamic certification. I don’t plan to go deeper with SQL server.
    Thanks for the answer.


  43. Henry

    I took my exam yesterday and failed. The sims are so badly designed you’d feel like you’re inside a very bad VB program designed by a newbie.

    No matter what your experience with SQL server is like, the simulations will be tough.

  44. Hennie

    Will be taking my exam 21 March,only got the MCTS pace yourself book and the trial CD ,noe work experience,planning to study theory and give all the Practices a shot……

  45. Edward

    I have been studying for 70-431 for about 3 months. It is not an easy exam to pass. The approach I take is to first learn the technology.

    Forget about the exam and just learn the technology. Learn its history and try to discern where it is going.

    Then study how to take the exam. It is unfortunate that the exam does not really test if you know the technology, how could it, that comes with use.

  46. Ginger

    I got a perfect score on my simulations but only about 60% of the multiple choice. I’ve worked in ssms for two years and know my way around the product.

    As for the multiple choice, if you can answer the following question, you should be able to answer the multiple choice questions.

    Question: What word follows the word “the” on the help instructions for clustered indexes on the second page after the blue box but before the semi-colon that was an error anyway but we just didn’t take it out? Choose 3 answers.

    1. The word “and”
    2. The word “an”
    3. The word “it”
    4. The word “word”
    5. The word “who gives a crap if you can work the application properly”.

  47. Rob Farley


    I totally agree that the simulations test your SQL Server ability much better than the multiple choice section. I don’t think it’s quite as bad as you paint, but there are certainly questions that you (or me) come across that produce the response “How on earth am I supposed to know that?”

    Multiple-choice questions are much easier to create than the simulations, and they can cover a much wider area. I think it’s right that both sections form part of the exam.


  48. Daniel

    I have been attending New Horizons for a few months going over .NET. Well I just switched over to the 3 courses for exam 70-431 to get some SQL Server under my belt (needed it for job reasons). It really isn’t an overly difficult product to understand for beginners. Like I have read above though, is that it does take experience to learn the real abilities of SQL Server 2005.

    I covered all 3 courses and studied for the test in a period of about 2-2 1/2 weeks. When I took the test 2 days ago I recieved a 600 (need 700 to pass). My problem was with the Sims, but that is mostly due to the lack of experience and knowledge. I hope to be ready for it here again in another week or so (I really want to get back to .NET 😛 ).

  49. Kumar

    Hi all, &
    Mr Rob Farley,

    Thanx for this forum’s site and the instructions you had given in the forums to practice the tool,

    really this Certification requires some hands on experience on the tool, but not the entire knowledge of the tool,

    I had given 3weeks dedicated preparation on the tool to write the exam, I was scared before this when I got the information of the second shot and also this site gave me information what to read ( in the forum questions) from forums site
    and form MS-MCP site I got Important Exam Information and Objectives mentioned in the site.

    I took it as an advantage to prepare and spend lot of time to use the tool, believe I was just spending time in using tool and the looking through the tool, yesterday I got 820/1000 (where i was just enough with “pass”)

    Iam passing this information to inform that you have to practice the tool then you can pass it.

    Thanks once again for the site,

  50. Daniel

    I passed today. This time around I was ready/prepared for the simulations. 775, not an incredible score, but I’m happy with the pass.

  51. Jamil Hassan

    Hi, there is a lot of good advice on this page.

    Ive been wanting to become a dba for a while now. I have no IT certs but have worked in industry for around 2 years, mainly dektop and Lan admin stuff. I failed the 431 exam couple of days ago, with a poor 350. Ive gotta say that i had never worked on any server or got the chance to run queries etc etc, the only experience is on the evaluation copy in the house.

    Just doing the exam was a good experience, and what ive learned is that no matter how many times you look at practice exam crams, you really do need to go through the practice scenarios in the mocrosoft book, and learn it as if you want to be a knowledgeable dba and not just try to get a pass.

    I cant practice in real life as i have no access to the systems and cant afford the course, but i gotta say, if you use the microsoft book properly you will pass.

  52. omprakash singh

    Friend plz Help me my First score 674simulation Q.wrrong plz send Ans in simulation

  53. Diana

    You folks are making me feel better about my 622 score from a couple of weeks ago. I am regrouping, purchased another study guide and practicing more with the SSMS to prepare for my next (hopefully final) try.

  54. vee

    I took the exam on friday and just got through at 700, ive been working with sql for many years and with 2005 for a year.. i found the simulations really tough.. i studied hard too.

  55. PaulK

    Rob … very interesting thread here.

    I sat 70-431 earlier this week & thankfully passed first time.

    I agree with all the comments that the simulations are tough but lets face it anyone can repeatedly answer multi-choice questions and rely on Brain Dumps but isn’t this why we all come across great looking CVs but people who can’t cut the mustard in our industry.

    It’s not about Badge Collecting … surely if the qualification is to be worth anything then it should only be achievable by people who know the product!!

  56. SAM

    I am planning to take this 70-31 soon,what books are elpful(I got MCTS training kit from MS press and been messing with SSMS like 6/7 hrs a day)any pointer on making the dreaded sims experience pleasant.

  57. Patrick

    How can someone get this experience that you say they need to have (2 years of working with it) without the education to get the job?

    if you have 2 years of exp doing this stuff… why are you taking the exam?

    seems kinda ludacris to me… yeah… i get it, no cheaters… but if anyone that goes out of their way to cheat instead of learn the product… im going to beat them in any interview hands down…

    How can i break into this field (.net… im not even planning on dbadom) when i cant get the exp w/o the certs.. but cant get the certs w/o the exp…

  58. robfarley


    I don’t think you need 2 years experience to pass the exam. However, some experience is definitely required – but not necessarily in a production environment. Why not grab a copy of Developer Edition, and use it at home for yourself?


  59. Mike

    Well I had my first go at 70-431 yesterday and got 622 for multi-choice (not far from a pass) but 200 for the sims.

    I was fine at school and university doing my exams. This thing was not an exam! It would not be difficult to get it up to scratch to something you could call it and exam… Come on Microsoft

    1. not 35 multi-choice questions. Start at 100. Maybe too many for some, but I’d like more. 400? Better statistics for everyone.

    2. The sims were just full of ‘no-entry’ errors where you can’t use SSMS features. What spastic designed this test? You just click on every button until you don’t get a ‘no-go’ error and you know you’ve succeeded. I am a creative DBA, and I want a full version test to have to create tables, procedures, views, test them, improve performance with indexes and then save when happy. Just for 70-431, then next exams, please… I’d be happy with the exam being over several days…

  60. robfarley


    You only scored 200 for the sims, and yet you knew you succeeded? So when it asked you to change some setting, you just clicked on everything? Even ‘creative DBAs’ don’t do that.

    An exam being over several days? I think you’re thinking of a different kind of exam, like the Masters series. These exams aren’t designed to be that costly.

    Have a look at what I wrote about 70-113 at – you’ll see that these exams will be much more like what you’re after (but even then, I wouldn’t be creating tables and procedures if you’re just asked to turn on AWE, or start a service, etc – not that I can remember if these things are on the exam or not)


  61. Mike

    I wasn’t serious, Rob. I was mocking the 70-431. Do you know about humour?

    This exam is the basic level of SQL Server 2005, isn’t it? I think the designers of this should take a deep breath and have a review of the process, especially as 2008 is here. Is there a goal of this exam other than making money by having candidates retaking it repeatedly?

    This should set a realistic target to get plenty of Junior DBAs onto the first rung of the ladder(just give a piece of paper to wave in front of the employer), and thinking of the next exams soon. SSMS to me really is a product you can pick up in a week. It mimics TOAD for Oracle 10 years ago – a superb interface. A tree of objects. Do you really have to have ever seen it before to know what that means? My last 3 years with SQL Server 2000 and 2005 isn’t nice when you get disabled functions in the test!

    I really like your blog. Thanks for the advice.

  62. robfarley

    Sorry Mike – didn’t pick up on the humour of your comment. But there are certifications that you earn over several days, and that have way more questions, and are far more involved.

    I wouldn’t say this exam is the basic level of SQL 2005 – it’s the core for any certification, but it shouldn’t be considered ‘basic’. I’d expect that someone would have to use the product for a while at least before trying the exam. The disabled areas are there to simplify the test product. It’s not a real server, it’s a simulator. So if it’s going to ask you about a wizard, that’s all that you get.


  63. Balasubramaniyam


    I am planing to do 70-431. please send me the simulation type questions. It will be very useful for me .

    Thanks in advance.


  64. Marlon Ribunal

    I have just passed 70-431 like a couple of hours ago.

    The simulations are cool. It really tests one if he/she have actual experiences with the product. I must admit that I had to re-read questions on the sims. I was not really sure if I was sufficiently giving the right solutions to the questions. I was giving my sims answers based on what I know from the real world. My experiences with the database engine have pulled me through. I think I would not have passed the exam if it weren’t for my actual, real world experience with SQL Server 2005 (which I am doing as a part time job – thinking of doing it full time now that I am already certified. Any takers?). The MS Press Training Kit was also a big help.

  65. Sylvanus

    My name is sylvanus johnson, am about to take the 70-431 exam end of this months. I need alot of simulation question. My email address is Thanks.

  66. Chao Moua

    Well, reading all these give me a headache. I haven’t taken the exam yet, but will soon be going to. Maybe next month I hope. The Microsoft Self Pace 70-431 book help me alot with real sample simulation question in it. That what I been using to get ready for this exam. It hasn’t failed me yet…knock on wood… 70-290,291,293,294,297 all passed on my first try.

  67. KD

    Hi Rob,
    I took test yesterday and got 982 on performance and 880 on non-performance. I was wondering where can I find the right solutions for Simulations. I’m just curious about simulations steps. Specially, I might have missed some pints on Backup type questions.


  68. deep

    please any one send latest dumbs 70-431 sql server 2005 email id-

  69. Shelly

    I am sittin the MCTS next week, from reading this blog i am confused … on the simulations if you click something that is disabled, is this recorded? do you have a limited number of clicks?

  70. Rajkishore Gupta

    I just given 70-431 exams last week but could not clear it.
    I am planning to re-appear this exam in a next week.
    Can anyone let me know if questions in both (multi-part and simulation) will be changed or those would be same as it was in first exam?

  71. robfarley

    Rajkishore – can’t say. There may be some overlap, but you can’t be sure.

    Shelly – try to just do the task and get out, and then stay out (I don’t think it counts against you if you go back in, but in my opinion, it’s never a good idea to revisit questions). I don’t think you’ll get penalised for trying to go out of scope. No limit on clicks.

    But everything I’ve written here is subject to change…

  72. Rajkishore

    I have some question which I faced in my 70-431 exam in simulation question.
    I tried a lot but I did not got a clue to solve these problems.
    If someone already cleared this exam then (s)he may faced these questions. Can anyone please give me some hint on these questions?

    1. Users report that insert statements against the view named
    Production.vExpensiveExpiredProduct do not succeed. You confirm that the insert
    statements that are being used are valid.
    The only table that the view uses is named Production.ExpiredProduct. The table
    has the following definition:
    CREATE TABLE Production.ExpiredProduct {
    ListPrice MONEY NULL
    You need to ensure that insert statements can be complete successfully. You need to
    apply the fewest possible changes, and you must use SQL Server Management
    Studio (SSMS).

    2. A query against the Sales.SalesOrderDetail table is performing poorly. You must
    create an index that will cause the cost of the query to be as low as possible. You
    must minimize the space that is used by the index. The index must contain as few
    columns as possible.
    There is an existing clustered index on the table. This index must not be dropped.
    Because the table is on a production server, it is not possible to create different
    indexes and test their performance.
    You need to create the required indexes by using the New Index dialog box.

    3. There is an uncommitted transaction in the TestKing database. Yóu must find the
    process that is associated with this transaction, and you must kill that process. You must not kill any other processes.
    You need to kill the process by using the Activity Monitor dialog how within SQL
    Server Management Studio (SSMS).

    4. You need to install a new SQL Server 2005 instance on a newly installed Windows
    Server 20003 server named TestKing2. This new instance must have the same
    settings as the existing SQL Server 2005 instance on a server named TestKing1.
    The only two services that need to be installed are the SQL Server service and the
    SQL Server agent service.
    The default installation folder should be used for the new SLQ Server instance on
    TestKing2. You will be able to refer to TestKing1 to view the settings to use.
    You need to complete the installation wizard on TestKing2.

  73. Rajkishore

    can any one let me know how many questions should be true in 70-431 simulations exam.

  74. RAJ

    I had given the exam last week and failed.The simulation part had gone bad though i try to solve some but i score very less.
    Can anyway tell me any perfect answers of the simulations part.

  75. salbright

    Just passed the exam…
    dunno what score to give, had 859 on Non Performance and 880 on Performance.
    [What are the max scores?]

    I thought the sims were actually pretty decent… had to do some clicking around, since I’ve never used 2005 professionally. Just for the last month or so on the evaluation version and reading a MCITP book.
    Something that I thought was helpful was that some areas were “unavailable in sim” mode, so I knew not to check there;)

  76. terrence

    If you partially answer one of the simulation questions correctly do you get partial marks for that question?

  77. Nancy

    I took the 70-431 test and failed with a 600 on the simulations. I had no idea that there would be any. The book is not very good on training you for that. I will be taking it again in a week or so. Any hints that could help me are appreciated. 🙂

  78. Thomas

    I’m going to appear for the 70-431 next week and I’m really concerned about the Sims………..we ‘ll be getting a real sql server for the exam or just an application or wizard kind for doing the simulations…..and also i would like to know about the duration for the sims as well as for the multiple choice…… personal id is ‘’

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