Customising the wHooiz Friendz list

December 18, 2006

If you look at Nick’s blog, you’ll see that he has a lot more wHooiz Friendz than me. That’s probably because he’s a lot more popular than I am. But also, I filter my list to show only a few. If you refresh the page, you’ll see more.

You’ll also notice that he has a big blue and white title at the top, which currently says “Friendz recently here” (but is subject to change – this comes from the wHooiz script that produces the list). But I don’t have that on mine. I have the standard Community Server sidebar heading, but that’s it. And here’s how I did that… Really simple – I looked at the HTML that’s shown, to see that that title bit has an id of whooiz_tr1, and then altered my CSS slightly, adding #whooiz_tr1 { display:none; } to it.

I guess I could’ve just changed its style to be just like one of my normal sidebar headers, but I actually figured that it would be easier to scrap it completely, and have my own header there. 🙂

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