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December 28, 2006

Adelaide’s stock is increasing again. 🙂 Darren Neimke and James Chapman-Smith have started a podcast about user-experience. The pilot can be downloaded from Darren’s blog. It’s really quite good too!

It goes for just 15 minutes, and I’m trying to encourage them to leave it that short. Shorter podcasts can be listened to when you don’t have time for an hour-long one. They can be archived more easily. You can fit them on a device with less free space (I’m soon upgrading my 1GB SD Card to a 2GB largely because of podcasts). And you can find stuff in them more easily. Suppose I hear a 5-minute discussion about something in an hour-long podcast that I like and want to re-listen to later. I have to keep the whole thing! As well as that, I need to remember whereabouts in the podcast it was, or else listen to the whole thing again. A 15-minute one still has the same problem, but those issues become less with a smaller file.

Those people who have known me for a while might know that for over a year I had a podcast about the Arsenal football club. I just recorded it on my PDA, typically in the car on my short commute. Occasionally I would abuse the traffic, but I don’t think people cared. But because my commute is quite short, it kept the podcasts short too. I never had trouble with finding content, because there were always more games to discuss, or injuries, transfer rumours, etc. Tech-podcasts can be harder that way, but I think there is always enough content out there to have a 15 minute discussion with a friend which you record and push out there.

Podcasting: It’s the blog you can read while driving.

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