England are charitable to Warne

January 4, 2007

England have let Warne be Australia’s top batsman in his final test. Very nice of us. And just to demonstrate that it was charity, we got him out less than ten runs after he beat the next best Aussie.

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  1. Hugh Mungus

    And so , we cross swords again =)

    Of course, an Aussies interpretation of this would be :

    Warne – thinking to himself – HEY, I’m the top scorer, we have a 100+ run lead, so let’s try for some quick runs. If I get out, it just lets me attack the insignificant English batting that much sooner.

    England is 67/3 at the moment. [16:10 Aussie Central Summer Time] Hope the weather hasn’t killed our chances of a rout.

  2. Rob Mayfield

    The English team should be commended for staying in Australia for the whole series – true sportsmanship where resistance was clearly futile 😉

  3. Hugh Mungus

    And so it came to pass that…but you know the rest

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