Finding old friends

January 4, 2007

It’s great to discover old friend’s blogs. Today I’ve come across an ex-colleague and good friend Matt Taylor-Coffey. When I knew him he was Matt Coffey, but he married Beverly Taylor and got an extra name. Now I think he’s dropping the Coffey and becoming Matt Taylor. So says his blog anyway.

I used to catch up with Matt on Msgr quite a bit, but not for some time now. Matt’s a big ManUtd fan (even gave his son the middle name of “Trafford“), and we’d often talk about the beautiful game. Now he’s an expert in SharePoint and more and more involved in the SharePoint community around London.

Great to find his blog – it means I’ll feel like I’m in touch, even if we’re not actually communicating on an individual basis. I just hope he gets back onto Msgr now and then (time-zone permitting).

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  1. Matt Taylor

    Thanks for the shout Rob and point taken, I will be back on messenger really soon…

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