How to attach your MVP status to a country without making your address public

January 5, 2007

I showed this to Darren today, because he wasn’t coming up in the list of Aussie SQL MVPs.

Within the profile section, restrict your address to be just your capital city, state and country. Make it public. Put your proper address in the shipping address section, and make it private to Microsoft. That way, you’ll still receive all the MVP correspondence properly, but when the greater public searches for you, you’ll be listed happily with the people that live in the same place as you.

I can’t guarantee this is fool-proof, but since Microsoft only ever uses your shipping address, it ought to work just fine.

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  1. Rob Mayfield

    but since they know you are in Adelaide, and your middle initial is J from your Yahoo IM id, then it conveniently narrows it down to 1 option listed in the white pages …

  2. Rob Mayfield

    … for that matter theres only one “GOSBELL D” listed in the whitepages for Melbourne. Of course being listed doesnt mean its the same one, but …

  3. robfarley

    Well, if someone’s that keen to track us down, then fine. When there was an article in the Adelaide Advertiser about Samuel having Kawasaki Disease in 2004, we got a bunch of phone-calls from people who had used the whitepages to look us up. That was frustrating, because many of them had horror stories to tell us. But it’s not quite enough to make us want to have a private number.

  4. Rob Mayfield

    I can see the headline now:
    ‘man held at mousepoint and forced to code multiple sql queries after serial mvp stalker strikes again …’

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