Dynamic friends list with Whooiz and Ajax

January 8, 2007

Whooiz is changing. They have a new logo, they’re dropping the capital H (but it might take a bit of time for this one to go through), and the widgets are now much more dynamic.

So in my blog (if you’re reading this from elsewhere, go to http://msmvps.com/blogs/robfarley), I now have a much smaller ‘whooiz friendz’ section, and I only show one friend. It’s not that I have offended everyone and only have one friend, because if you watch for a few seconds, you’ll see the friend change to a different (random) friend.

This is really nice. It’s something I was tempted to do myself before, but Clarke beat me to it (it’s fair enough, he’s the guy behind Whooiz). I told him I was going to do it, but just didn’t get the time over the holidays to scrape through his script for the bits I wanted to change.

Unfortunately it now lives within an iframe, which gives a little less control over the CSS. My trick of setting the header to not display no longer works, but instead, you can now put ‘&noheader=y’ on the end of the querystring, and that achieves the same (or at least, it will once Clarke has made the change for this).

The code I’m using is:

<div class=”sideNavItems”><h3>Whooiz Friendz</h3>
<iframe id=”Iframe1″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” height=”200px” width=”100%” src=”http://whooiz.com/FriendsList.aspx?Profile=56&type=0&bg=ffffff&hrd=000000&fn=1&noheader=y”></iframe>

The 100% lets it fit nicely in the div tag, and 200px is what I reckon makes it fit nicely, although it could probably be adjusted down a little more.

Now, presumably this could be thrown really easily into a sidebar gadget… 

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