In the market for a new laptop

January 15, 2007

What would you recommend? I want something that will happily run virtual machines without blinking, so that it can be an effective development environment as well as running all the server products I’d care to code against (SQL, WSS, etc). It has to be as good as it needs to be when I present at user-groups or train people.

The Dell D820 seems to be quite popular. HP’s nw8440 seems okay, but maybe overpriced? Sony Vaios seem to be much lighter, but is that worth the extra expense? And what about IBM?

Love to read your comments… So far I’m leaning towards the Dell.

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  1. Brian W. McCann

    Have you thought about using a Macbook Pro? I’m not joking either. Just install BootCamp and you are off and running in XP…and hopefully Vista soon. I have an iMac running XP and I love it.

  2. robfarley

    Really? I must admit, I hadn’t considered that. I’ll add it to my list of considerations…

  3. Em

    My money would be on either a macbook pro or dell.. I have had a few dells in different jobs and I have to say, they’ve all far exceeded my expectations – at least WAY moreso than an HP 😉

    My next laptop, due in midyear or so, will be a lenovo (ibm), so can’t comment on that one yet *grin*

  4. Matt Taylor

    I’m currently running an Acer which has been excellent value and with a 2gb memory upgrade happily runs VMs for all my SharePoint 2007 development and demonstration purposes.

    I decided a while back that I would most likely go for a Sony next having worked alongside a guy running Windows Server 2003 on his with TFS/SQL 2005 and I haven’t seen anything to sway me yet…

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