End of an era

March 2, 2007

I finish today in a job that I’ve had for over 4.5 years. It’s been an interesting time. During this time I’ve had time in hospital, seen both my kids have stints in hospital, seen my youngest start school, become an uncle four times over, reached my 30s, run a user-group, received the MVP award, had three trips to Redmond (with a fourth coming up soon), and of course, made many friends.

But the new role is very exciting. It’s going to be great training for a living – I love training, and it’s going to be a lot of fun. And for a company like Solid Quality Learning – that’s even better. Can’t beat those guys for SQL knowledge.

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  1. Rob Mayfield

    I’m sure being genuinely valued in your new role with challenges equal to your ability will be infinitely more rewarding. Good luck with the new position !

  2. Greg Linwood

    Welcome aboard Rob – I’m looking forward to working with you (c:


  3. Jeff Wharton

    Hope everything turns out great in your new job. My D-Day is this Friday :-).

    Looking forward to catching up at CodeCampOZ.


  4. robfarley

    Sorry Jeff – I won’t be at CodeCampOz. It’s just bad timing for me.

  5. Em

    Congratulations 😀 You’ve got a whole new career ahead of you for the taking 🙂

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