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March 5, 2007

As a leaving gift from my previous employer, I got a voucher, which works just as well for a supermarket as it does for anywhere else. This is cool, because I can then spend the money on groceries and buy something I want with the money I save from the shopping. It means that I can buy what I want, effectively for free, because it’s a gift.

So I bought some bible software for my PocketPC. I got it from Laridian – because after trying a couple of different Bible software packages, I’ve really found it’s the best. If you’re looking for a Bible for your PocketPC, I can really recommend it. They even had a deal where if you buy two things (and spend more than $40), you can get a decent discount on the overall price, so I ended up getting more than I expected, for less money than I expected. Can’t lose! Follow the link above…

For me, having a bible on my PocketPC means that I don’t need to take an extra book with me when I travel, because it’s all there. I use my PocketPC for reading RSS feeds, listening to podcasts, reading PDFs, and even studying the bible. I just need to get around to buying that larger SD card for it – with Christmas money from my mum that I haven’t spent yet. 😉

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