MVP Summit

March 19, 2007

Obviously there’s not much I can say here about the MVP Summit last week, unless you’re an MVP yourself, in which case you have probably heard it all anyway. 🙂

But as for what I can talk about – the summit was great. I met lots of people who I have known via the virtual community (and by reputation) for some time, but have never met in person. People like Simon Sabin, who lives in the town I caught the bus to school from when I was growing up, and who is a fellow SQL MVP. I caught up with Simon for breakfast on Monday morning (after arriving about six hours late on Sunday), and met a bunch of other English SQL MVPs then too.

I spent time with people that I hold in very high regard (like almost everyone who Greg Low has ever interviewed on his SQL Down Under podcasts), didn’t sleep much, learned a lot about the next versions of SQL Server (if you’re going to ask, “The short answer is No”) and about the MVP program in general, and have come away from it really pleased that I went.

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