Documents in SQL Server 2008

June 11, 2007

One of my favourite aspects of SQL Server 2008 is the fact that you can store documents (well, files) in the database. Annoyingly, this doesn’t seem to be implemented in the June 2007 CTP.

There has long been an argument about whether images should be stored in the database or in the file system. The same argument occurs when discussing Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and all the rest. With SQL Server 2008, the answer is simple – store in the database using a varchar(max)/nvarchar(max)/varbinary(max) type with the FILESYSTEM option. This will store the information in the file system, but still let you manipulate the data using standard constructs like UPDATE and DELETE. Very cool! Now people can access your data through whichever medium they need.

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  1. Matt Taylor

    Not forgetting SharePoint of course which is, amongst many other things, an advanced document repository (and part of the server OS).

    Will be interesting to see if/how Microsoft integrate this aspect of the two products.

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