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July 21, 2007

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I’ve had quite a few people ask me my opinions on the Arsenal transfers this summer (well, winter here in Australia, but summer for Arsenal).

The big question of course is around Thierry Henry. Our champion who left for Barcelona this year. Personally, I think it was a year too late, but if he’d left a year ago, it might’ve been a year too soon. This past season for him was a major let-down, and I wonder if he will ever achieve the same kind of level as the past.

As for his ‘replacement’, Eduardo da Silva, I think he’ll be a great asset. Wenger has been chasing a ‘fox-in-the-box’ for a long time, and having had no luck with his attempts to sign someone like this in the past (notably Franny Jeffers), I think this guy stands a great chance of being the player able to convert possession into goals.

Whilst he’s not a new signing, I think this may be the season for Theo Walcott to shine. Our defence is looking good, and although I think we will still miss Lauren and Campbell, I think Sagna will be a useful addition. But our main problem this past season was in attack, and with da Silva, Walcott, and the return to fitness of Robin van Persie, things are looking up.

I’d still like to see some big names come to the club. I’m not sure Anelka is the right person, and I think Tevez or Torres would’ve been good if Wenger had pursued them. He knows the kind of person he’s after though, and perhaps those players don’t fit the profile.

On a different note, I do feel bad for Leeds United. They’re a team with great history, and it seems they may end up falling apart completely. Let’s hope they can be restored in time.

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  1. Jamie Thomson

    Don’t write us off yet. We’re hanging on in there. Kuddly ken and weasel wise will work their magic!! I hope!


  2. Granville Barnett

    Walcott should be hitting home in the first team regularly this season – if he isn’t then he won’t be the player we (english people) were told he would be. Rooney and Owen were both, especially Owen (back soon?) were up there as top scorers at young ages – I think Owen was like 2nd top scorer at 18.

    Now it the time Walcott, England need another awesome striker – step to the plate!

    We all know that we (the mighty Chelsea) will win the league and champions league this season!!! Malouda is awesome, exactly what we need – someone who can beat players and isn’t afraid of putting his boot in when required.

    Arsenal will find it hard to finish 4th, I think its either them or Spurs – but I reckon you will edge it.

    Man U, Chelsea, and Liverpool are just better than Arsenal now – its sad because I love watching Arsenal and they underachoeved in Europe when they were awesome, but who knows I don’t think Henry going is a major loss – you had the best of Henry. Afterall Henry was rubbish at Juventus when he was a winger, Arsenal made him.

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