Bloggers’ Lunch at TechEd AU

August 8, 2007

TechEd is always a great event. Today I’ve helped with an Instructor-Led Lab on Report Builder, attended a few sessions, helped plenty of people with questions, and participated in the Bloggers’ Lunch.

This was a panel that Frank Arrigo hosted, involving five people from the blogging space. It was interesting, but I had to leave early.

I did get to ask a question about what they saw as the difference between ‘proper’ journalism and blogging. The panelists generally agreed with my thoughts that the main difference was the responsibility that journalists have. Bloggers (including me) have no responsibility over what they write. They can write whatever they want, flaming people as much or as little as they like. On the other hand, journalists tend to represent their newspapers and their professional reputation, and therefore need to be more careful about what they say.

But then someone who blogs on behalf of their organisation would seem to be somewhere in between. And then I think the difference between bloggers and journalists is the skill. Journalists tend to study journalism, and make a career of it. So I think you’re going to find that in general, journalists write better posts than non-journalists. But perhaps things are changing.

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