User Group meeting with Christine Bishop

October 12, 2007

Yesterday we had Christine Bishop come to Adelaide. She’s the Product Marketing Manager for SQL Server and BI for Microsoft Australia. That makes her handy to know if you’re in the SQL space, and we had a nice crowd come along to the user group to meet her.

One thing that made this meeting different to the usual is that Christine isn’t overly technical. She’s not bad, but compared to the people in the crowd listening to her, she would’ve been in the less technical half. Normally we’d have some in depth technical session, showing people how to do particular things, but this time we looked more at the business side of things.

Feedback was good, and for those people looking for something a little more technical I demonstrated a quick point about SSIS and one about the use of row_number() to make sure that only the three most recent records for each category were stored in a table. I might post about these more another time.

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