SQL Down Under talks, and England wins

October 14, 2007

This weekend is getting better and better. With England winning in both the football and the rugby, my mood is pretty good anyway – despite having to give the first presentation of Sunday morning at the SQL Down Under Code Camp. The local TV channel sent cameras just after I finished, so I think I managed to avoid having my presentation on the local news. At least, I hope they came just after I finished… otherwise I didn’t notice them lurking in the corner.

I taught the crowd about MERGE & Table-Valued Parameters, and got good feedback from various members of the audience. Hopefully people will be able to take the content and use it to try things out in SQL2008 when they get back to the real world.

Now, Grant Paisley is presenting about Analysis Services Best Practices. I’ve heard Grant give this talk before, but it’s still good. With Darren Gosbell, Greg Linwood and Kevin Kline still to come today, it’s going to be good. Poor France though… with Scotland beating the Ukraine in their Euro 2008 qualifiers, Les Blues need to win both their remaining matches to qualify for the tournament, and Scotland probably only need to a draw against Italy to go through.

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