Welcome, Charlotte

December 11, 2007

In the early hours of Monday morning (Dec 10th), I was in Melbourne, ready to teach a course in the morning. I made it back in time to help my new daughter Charlotte into the world, but this is what I wrote from the airport:Charlotte

“Welcome to the world, my daughter. I’m writing this from Melbourne Airport. Your mum called me a little while ago to tell me her waters had broken, but this is nine days early, and I was expecting to teach a course today. Ironically, the course was going to be on SSIS – about moving information from one system to another – and instead we’re both in transition. You from the womb to the world, me rushing from one airport to another.

“Except that I’m not rushing right now. I’m on the first flight out, at 6:15am. That’s over three hours away, during which time you’ll probably be born. I don’t even have internet access from here, so by the time anyone reads this, I’m sure you’ll have arrived.

“I’m looking at pictures of you now, from your scan a couple of months ago. You’re very beautiful. I hope and pray for the best for you. I’m tired now – it feels like I’ll be waiting here forever for this flight. I can’t sleep – couldn’t even if I dared. I just want to get to you.

See you soon.”

She waited for me, arrived on Monday morning, weighing 7lb 12oz. Everyone’s well, and the boys and I took them home from the hospital that evening.

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  1. Em

    Fantastic news – congratulations to you all, and well done for bringing such a special person into the world πŸ˜€

  2. Renee

    Congratulations Farley Family on your precious pink bundle πŸ™‚

    All the best little girls come early πŸ™‚

  3. Brian Madsen

    Hi Rob,

    Congratulations..she’s a pretty little girl.

    Best wishes to both mommy and baby girl!

    Well done!

  4. Greg Linwood

    Congrats Rob & Ros!

    Give her a few weeks before you start the SQL lessons Rob.


  5. Rob Farley

    Thanks everyone.

    And Matt – yes, she may become Charli Farley, but we’re okay with that.

  6. Rob

    Congratulations Rob! She’s very cute indeed!

  7. Debbie Timmins

    Congratulations to the Farley family. She looks like she has the cutest little smile too. What a champion for waiting for you, and what a beautiful post you wrote for her.

    Probably by the time she can read, blogs will be soo 2007!

  8. GregLow

    Congrats Rob! And a great post!



  9. Jenny Venardis

    Wow! Enjoy every moment with your precious little girl, she is fairy floss – sugar and spice and ALL things nice.

    My girls are asleep and Nick is not home yet so will be over tomorrow around 12ish for a cuddle with Charlotte.  So glad Ros you are feeling so good and delivery went so well.

    Rob will have to sit back and watch now as you embark on the thrill of “girly” shopping, & I will gladly join you in buying everything in shades of pink , purple, tuquoise, orange & purple & so on, “girly” shopping is endless!!!!!!!!!

    Take care,

    Jenny xxoo

  10. Mitch Wheat


    Glad to hear Ros and Charlotte are doing fine.


  11. Edwin

    Thanks to share your happiness

  12. Matt Taylor

    Fantastic news Mr F and I’m in no doubt that your daughter will one day fully appreciate just how special it is for her father of all people to compare her with SSIS. Your announcement made me realise how lucky B and I are that our pending arrival is due in the SharePoint SP1 timeframe when AJAX becomes fully supported – I have until May to develop a system of asynchronous feeding that should ensure us all more sleep!

    Seriously, I’m really pleased for you, Ros and the boys. Congratulations and all the best mate.

  13. Peter Ward

    Congratulations Rob

    Best wishes to you all.

  14. Ryan

    Well done Rob & Roslyn! What a cutie…

  15. Shaun Baggett

    Well done Rob & Roslyn.

    What happened to the course?

  16. Rob Farley

    The course was postponed. I think everyone was most understanding. πŸ™‚

  17. Giovanni Cesarini


  18. Márk Fék



  19. Andrew Webster

    She’s so cute! That’s just great! Congratulations!

  20. Chris Charles

    What great news!! Best wishes to all of you, and I’m glad you haven’t let work and Diplomacy distract you from family and children, the things in life that really count in the end.

  21. Trika

    Congratulations!! She’s beautiful.

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