September 3, 2008

TechEd AU this week. I’m giving a talk on “T-SQL Tips n Techniques: Improving Your T-SQL Arsenal” on Friday morning. The slides are available from CommNet for people registered, but the scripts are here as well. Come along to the talk to see how I use the scripts, but do grab these if you want to be trying them out on your data while I present. They all work on SQL Server 2005, and they use the AdventureWorks database.

I’ll also try to do a series of blog posts about some of the tips, but as well as that, many of them are part of the Advanced T-SQL course that I put together earlier in the year.

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  1. Thomas Williams

    Hey Rob, I downloaded your scripts for a sqizz (thanks!), and found something in your “14-binarylike.sql” script where you cast a number as VARCHAR(4), which means that numbers after 9,999 appear as *: “…This is my *th long string, right?…”

    Not sure if this is what you intended!

    Good luck with your presentations 🙂


  2. robfarley

    Ah, true… I had originally been inserting 8000 rows, but then extended it to more. I should change it and make the ‘4’ bigger.

    It’s a tip that I got from Ward Pond’s similar presentation at TechEd US.

    Thanks for the heads-up


  3. IT

    Hi Rob

    Just want to say thanks for the TechED AU DAT 283, It was one of the best time spent learning all the tips.

    Great Job and Well done 🙂



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