A reason to visit Manchester

February 16, 2009

I shouldn’t knock Manchester — I’m sure it’s a great place. Being from the London area though, I’ve always had to find reasons to consider visiting Manchester. Now that I’m living in Australia, finding reasons to go is even harder.

Manchester’s stock has risen recently, joining the ranks of Reading, Birmingham and Hatfield to host a SQLBits conference. Definitely a trip worth making if you’re in the UK. It’s on the last Saturday of March.

Registrations are now open, so get along to the site and plan to be at this event. One day I’ll end up being in the country on the right day and make it to one of these events.

The guys behind this event are all good guys, and the content will be very high quality again (and even more sessions – the number of sessions has increased by about 50%). The last event had nearly three hundred people attend, and this one event has over three hundred registered so far.

Lots more information (including registration) at: http://sqlbits.com — or on Simon Sabin’s blog.

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  1. Matt Taylor

    Hey Rob

    I’m really surpised you didn’t mention that Manchester is also home to possibly the world’s best known football club who currently hold the coveted European Cup *and* the FIFA Club World Cup (not to mention the FA Premier League and FA Community Shield) all of which can be seen on the fantastic tour of their fabulous and unrivaled home ground, Old Trafford.

  2. robfarley

    Ah – Matt… I guess you have reason to visit Manchester. There’re no Premier League matches that weekend – just a friendly between England and Slovakia at Wembley.

  3. Roslyn

    Is it always about football and computers. Surely there’s more to discover in Manchester?

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