40,000 days since the beginning of ‘time’

July 1, 2009

Next Tuesday feels like a significant day. Not only is it 7/7, and the fourth anniversary of the London bombings (in 2005), but it’s 40,000 days since the beginning of time. Well, not proper time, but since the start of the 1900s.

SELECT DATEDIFF(day,’19000101′,’20090707′)+1 AS DaysOf1900s

So if Day 1 is Jan 1, 1900 (as many systems tend to use — SQL actually considers it Day 0), Day 40000 is 7/7/2009.

I actually rate the start of the twentieth century as a very significant event in the human race. In 1900 the world was changing faster than it had ever done before, and no-one can deny the significance of the twentieth century in history. I’m sure change will continue to become faster, but I found it interesting recently when I noticed that we were approaching this ‘milestone’ of sorts.

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