DeepZoom fixoutlook — and a tip on hosting SilverLight

July 16, 2009

I haven’t done much SilverLight development — I’ve dabbled at best. And I don’t really count using DeepZoom Composer as proper SilverLight, but it makes a SilverLight application.

So I’ve got one at

The background is that there’s a group of people who feel very strongly that Outlook should use proper standards for rendering emails. I understand that Microsoft have made a conscious decision to use Word for rendering emails, but I’m certainly part of the crowd who agree that Microsoft may have got this one wrong. They made a large image, and I thought this image would made a great candidate for DeepZoom. I dropped Dave a line, and he gave me the go-ahead.

So have a look around my DeepZoom application, and in particular, zoom in at the top of the “L’’ in the word outlook, to find how much you can zoom in. Look for the white lines, and you’ll see some more zooming opportunity.

And a big thanks to John O’Brien, for reminding me that when you host a SilverLight application, you need make sure the mime types are set appropriately.

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