SSRS: Removing the Navigation link using an Expression

August 4, 2009

There are times when you want to have a Navigation property of a textbox (typically providing a link to a URL or other report), but you don’t always want the link to be there. Sometimes you just want it to be an ordinary textbox.

This particularly applies when you’re using a Matrix, and you don’t want the Subtotal rows to have the navigation links. Previously I’ve blogged about using InScope to control various properties. But the thing that I hadn’t noticed was how to make the link actually disappear. I could make it point at somewhere less useful (like the current report), but I didn’t want the cursor to change.

And then my friend (and fellow MVP) Jason Strate told me that if you make the Expression give the result of “Nothing”, then this does the trick.

So try something like: =iif(inscope("matrix1_SalesPersonID"), “”, Nothing)

Thanks, Jason!

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