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February 21, 2010

A few people have asked why I moved to sqlblog.com (I’ve shifted my blog from msmvps.com recently). After all, I had used msmvps.com since 2006 and written a lot of stuff there (over 400 posts). Whilst I doubt that those posts will be lost, there’s a degree to which you only have as much content as in on your current blog. I had blogged at robfarley.blogspot.com (over 200 posts) before that, and I do wonder how often that site gets visited by people these days.

I only really moved because of a few too many experiences of msmvps.com being unavailable. I had been thinking of moving my blog for some time, either to sqlblog.com or perhaps to my company website lobsterpot.com.au. I have a feeling that the LobsterPot site will be one for articles, while use my regular blog for writing things that I consider more post-worthy (with the occasional link to an article). I suppose it was Adam prompting me at the right time which helped my decision to go for sqlblog.

URL-wise, I’ve gone from not having an underscore in my URL to having one again. That’s fine, because it matches both my hotmail address and my Twitter account, although every time I see an underlined URL (or email address), I cringe a little at the underscores that look like spaces.

So I’m feeling a bit short on my content. I have over 400 posts at msmvps.com, and that’s a lot of content. I don’t even think it would be worthwhile moving it all across (although I wonder if PowerShell would let me do it quite easily), although I have reposted some of my 2010 posts from the old site. I haven’t given any thought at all to the 200 and some posts that I had written at robfarley.blogspot.com before I was awarded MVP status and moved, but I’m wondering if anyone has any particular favourites that I should repost here.

For readers of sqlblog who haven’t heard of me before, then perhaps a short introduction is worthwhile. I live in Adelaide, Australia (although I’m originally English), where I run both the Adelaide SQL Server User Group and a small consultancy called LobsterPot Solutions. I wrote a couple of chapters for the SQL Server MVP Deep Dives, which is a book I can thoroughly recommend. My favourite areas of SQL Server are BI and T-SQL. I train and consult, and present at conferences now and then (like the last few TechEd Australia conferences, SQL Down Under, CodeCampSA, SQL Bits V (in the UK) – I’m hoping to do PASS this year).

Now starts the long process of finding all the places that refer to my blogsite as msmvps.com, so that I can redirect them… I think that’ll be a while. If you see one, please let me know!

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