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March 22, 2010

This book just keeps amazing me. Not only as I read through some chapters for the first time, and others for the second and third times, but also as I read reviews of it written by other people.

The guys over at http://sqlperspectives.wordpress.com are a prime example. They’ve been going through each chapter, each writing a review on it, and often getting a guest blogger to write something as well – and they’re clearly getting a lot of stuff out of this brilliant book. Back when I first heard about them doing this, I had offered to be involved, and recently did an interview with them about my chapters (chapter seven and chapter forty). That interview can be found at http://sqlperspectives.wordpress.com/2010/03/20/interview-with-rob-farley/ – and covers how I got into databases, and how I think the database roles in the IT industry are changing.

If you don’t have a copy of SQL Server MVP Deep Dives yet, why not get a copy from http://www.sqlservermvpdeepdives.com (or persuade your local bookstore to get some copies in), and read through chapters with these guys? Treat it like a book club, discussing each chapter with others (guest blogging perhaps?), and you’ll probably end up getting even more out of it. Remember that the proceeds of the book go to charity (instead of the authors – we get nothing), so you don’t need to consider that you’re splashing out on a treat for yourself. Think of the kids helped by War Child instead.

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