SQLBits VI – The sixth sets

April 15, 2010

My involvement stopped with the tagline, but SQLBits VI is on tomorrow. The theme of the event is Performance Tuning, which has nothing to do with Bruce Willis or dead people – unless Bruce Willis has just become a database expert and been shot for doing a dropping an index (some would say that’s a crime worthy of the death penalty).

It’s a shame my involvement hasn’t been more, because it’s such a terrific event, and it would’ve been good to have been there for a second time. It’s a long way to go though, all the way from Australia to London.

The sessions on the agenda look great. Conor Cunningham from Microsoft (the guy behind the Query Optimizer) is headlining, which is making me wish I could be there even more.

So this post is to merely wish everyone who is going (and particularly the organisers) a great time. I hope you enjoy it thoroughly, and come away wanting to tune stuff!

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  1. daveballantyne

    fingers crossed that everyone can make it in due to the icelandic volcanic ash cloud closing the airports

  2. Neil Hambly

    SQLBits VI was a great event,  a shame you missed it
    It was my first SQLBits and I was even lucky enough to be one of the event volunteers (room monitor), did get to see some great sessions.
    Post session reception was also good fun..spoke to some great people and can’t wait to next SQLBits event, now just need to sort my own topic /material for my presentation slot @ this coming wed UG mtg in Reading.

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