Presentations about SARGability tomorrow

April 26, 2010

Tomorrow, via LiveMeeting, I’m giving two presentations about SARGability. That’s April 27th, for anyone reading this later. The first will be at the Adelaide SQL Server User Group. If you’re in Adelaide, you should definitely come along. Both meetings are being broadcast to the PASS AppDev Virtual Chapter.

The second will be in the Adelaide evening at 9:30pm, and will just be and my computer. The audience will be on the other end of a phone-line, which is very different for me. I’m very much used to being able to see my audience, rather than just being in a room by myself. The level of interaction will be slightly smaller, so I might have to find a laughter track to play when I say something funny. (Don’t worry – I won’t actually do that… I’m used to telling jokes and hearing nothing but crickets)

The first session is at 12:30pm in Adelaide. That’s 1pm on the east coast of Australia, 3pm in New Zealand, and 8pm on Monday 26th in Seattle. If that doesn’t suit you, then it’s being “repeated” at 9:30pm in Adelaide, which is 1pm in the UK, or 8am on the east coast of the USA. The links to join the LiveMeeting session are: 12:30pm Adelaide and 9:30pm Adelaide

So what is this SARGability thing, and why is it important to you?

Essentially it’s about making sure that your indexes can be used properly, so understanding it will help you make your queries run better – and it’s not a hard thing to pick up, either. We’ll be looking at the basic concepts, some misconceptions that people have, and then extending the ideas to the point that (hopefully) will make you want to re-examine some old queries to see if you had really been letting the Query Optimizer do its thing.

I think the sessions will be recorded, but I’m also very happy to be answering plenty of questions as we go along. If you want to jump in and send me queries, I’ll happily give time to looking at them.

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  1. David Taylor

    I am the Volunteer Coordinator at the PASS AppDev Virtual Chapter, and will be your host and MC for both events. I wanted to assure you (and your blog audience) that your sessions will, indeed, be recorded for posterity, or at least for as long as LiveMeeting lets us, which is a year 🙂 Feel free to use the laugh track, or a cricket track if you’ve got one, we’re laid back at AppDev 🙂

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