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June 30, 2010

So the pre-/post-con submission I made for the PASS Summit in November didn’t get picked up (although I’m still hoping to get a regular session or two), but in the meantime, I have other presentations going on.

Those who participated in the 24 Hours of PASS event last month will know that I was a late inclusion when one of the speakers couldn’t make it. Those sessions are now available for free download (but you need to sign up if you’re not already a PASS member) at – mine was Session 20.

Late next week, I will be presenting to the chapter in Columbus, Ohio (via LiveMeeting, as it’s a long way to go from Adelaide, a trip which would involve kayaks). I’ll be doing some more investigation into T-SQL techniques, but not the same ones I covered in the 24HOP session. I figure that since I was prepared to do a whole day of stuff, that can easily cover several different User Group presentations without doubling up.

And then in early August, I’ll be doing another presentation for the PASS AppDev Virtual Chapter. Also via LiveMeeting. I haven’t worked out a topic yet, or even the times of day, but it’s the August 10th gathering.

So if you enjoyed my 24HOP session (as I hope some of you did), or you were unable to listen because of time zone constraints (it was during the early hours of the morning for most Americans), then why keep your eye out for the links to these sessions and join us.

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