Conor Cunningham speaking to the Adelaide SQL Server User Group

September 9, 2010

The guy behind the Query Optimizer, Conor Cunningham, is speaking on Sep 27 (well, Sep 28 here in Adelaide) to the User Group in a few weeks’ time. I only wish that he could be there in person, but as he lives in Texas, it’s much cheaper for everyone if he uses LiveMeeting. But it’s still a massive honour, as Conor is one of the most respected and knowledgeable people working in SQL Server anywhere, inside or outside Microsoft.

I’ve heard many people refer to his talk at SQLBits VI as the highlight of the conference, and this is the talk that he’s going to present for us as well – called “Inside the SQL Server Query Optimizer”. I’m expecting it to be excellent, and I only wish I could be there. Luckily, as it is via LiveMeeting, I hope to be tuned in. If you can’t be there (because you’ll be somewhere else), then feel free to join us via LiveMeeting as well. I’ll post a link in the comments here a few days beforehand. If you are due to be in Adelaide, then please try to be there in person, as user groups are so much more than just the content. Come to spend time with other SQL people. For those not in Adelaide, here’s a list of times around the world (thanks to

Interestingly, on the same day, Adelaide is hosting another free event – about Windows Phone 7. My good friend Nick Randolph will be in town on the Monday and Tuesday to teach people about how to write applications for WP7. They’re planning to time lunch on the Tuesday to cater for anyone who wants to pop downstairs to Conor’s session, which is excellent of him. Nick is a terrific advocate for communities, having run groups and set up communities in both Perth and Sydney over the years. If you can get to his day (which remember, is FREE – just like the SQL User Group), then registration info is at his blog. Seats are limited for Nick’s event, so please only register if you’re very serious, but get in early.

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  1. AGiotti

    Hello Bob Farley, would you be so kind to send me the link for the presentation with Conor Cunningham?

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