What am I doing at SQLPASS (apart from getting younger)?

November 2, 2010

It’s a busy week for me in Seattle next week.

I’m delivering two sessions – one on Spatial Data Visualisation (on Tuesday afternoon), and one on Query Optimizer stuff (on Wednesday around lunchtime), plus I’m doing a five-minute Lightning Talk on Thursday (lunchtime), and hosting a “table” in the Birds of a Feather lunch discussion on Tuesday. My Query talk (AD311) is in rooms 615-617, which sounds like two adjacent rooms on the same side of the street, whereas the Spatial one (BID322) is in 606-607, which sounds like two adjacent rooms in a cul-de-sac. They’re all on the sixth floor, so feel free to bring your own oxygen.

The talk I’m most stressed about is the shortest one – the Lightning Talk. I don’t generally use slides when I present these days, but the Lightning Talk can’t involve demos, so I’m planning a different kind of talk, and trying to work out if props might be a good alternative to either slides or a demo. Unfortunately if I do choose to do slides they need to be submitted in a few days’ time, so it’s not something I can plan during my long plane trip.

I should quickly mention – I have a suspicion that I might actually get younger during my long plane trip. Legally at least, if not physically. I leave Australia on Nov 6th (in the afternoon), and arrive fourteen hours later, when it’s the 7th in Australia, but the 6th in America. The 7th is my birthday though, so I think when I hop off the plane and change from Australian time zone to the American one, my legal age should DROP! At least until about 16 hours later, when it becomes the 7th again.

So I may end up spending my birthday shopping in Seattle for props to use during a five-minute talk.

Also, while I’m over there, a Microsoft road-trip recapping PDC10 content will hit Adelaide, so the LobsterPot guys who are at PASS (that’s Roger & me) will be sending information back to the LobsterPot guys in Adelaide, who will be doing a quick presentation about “Breaking news from the PASS Summit”. So Denny won’t be the only person sending messages from the keynote.

Some people have asked me when I’m free while there – but with things like a Chapter Leaders’ event on one morning, a Volunteers’ event one evening, pre-breakfast stuff and other dos on from time to time, I’m not sure when I’ll be where yet. I’m pretty sure I’m booked up for at least three of the nights from Sunday to Thursday, although I think I’m forgetting some…

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