The SQLPASS Keynote – part 1

November 10, 2010

Not sure I was expecting to see a Tina impersonator at before 8:30am on a Tuesday morning, but this is SQLPASS 2010.

There’s lots of big announcements this week, particularly around Denali – which is SQL 11. The first public installation (CTP1) became available for download this morning. In fact – one of my guys searched for it recently and found the link.

I’m going to be blogging quite a bit of stuff this week, hopefully even a few posts during this Keynote. I’m sitting at the Guest Bloggers table, with well known folk like Grant Fritchey, Jen McCown, Andy Leonard, Brent Ozar, and plenty more. Those are the four that are sitting in front of me, blocking my view of the stage – but everyone here seems to be a blogger that I follow.

More soon…

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