The SQLPASS Keynote – part 5

November 10, 2010

Atlanta is getting announced. It’s a system which runs on your SQL Server system, uploading information about your system, its configuration, performance, and so on, to a service in the cloud. This information can then be browsed (or queried, of course), using a dashboard of information. Access to it can also be given to Microsoft Support, so that if you have problems with your SQL box, they can get a much better picture.

The idea behind this is that Microsoft are recognising the part they have play in making sure that their customers (our clients) have the support they need to be able to have great running database systems.

I understand that not everyone might like the idea about their system information being sent up to the cloud, but if you’ve ever had to make a support call, particularly if your system is down when you’re making the call, you understand the significance of being able to provide this information ahead of time.

I’m sure it’s very much the first iteration of the product, and will change a lot in coming months – but the idea definitely seems to have legs, and this is very interesting.

With CTPs becoming available for SQL Azure Web Admin, Reporting and Data Sync, the connection between on-premise and cloud is increasing, and I think cloud is providing far more than just databases and applications in the space. On-premise systems are being enhanced by the cloud, whether through reporting, syncing for disaster recovery, or uploading system information through Atlanta. It’s thought-provoking stuff, and it makes me wonder the cloud might start entering peoples thoughts in different ways.

<just imagine a nice cloud-shaped thought bubble picture here>

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