The SQLPASS Keynote – part 6

November 10, 2010

Sitting on the bloggers table is turning out to be fun.

I’ve scared off Buck Woody (@buckwoody) (he said he had things to do), and Thomas LaRock (@sqlrockstar) has sat down in the spot he had assigned before the start. Despite the fact that there’s mostly keyboard noises going on, rather than people saying things to each other, the community here, from people sending Twitter messages to each other and writing posts is producing a community experience that I haven’t often felt before.

We’re all trying to get information out about Denali and the other new SQL announcements as quickly as we can, and there’s a commonality here which is feeling quite powerful. Most of us are MVPs who have already had a bit of advance warning of the features, and I know some people have had blog posts prepared.

They’re now showing Project Crescent – with Hans Rosling style charts. It just makes me wonder if the next version will use plastic storage boxes.

In all honesty, Crescent looks really compelling. It lifts reporting to the next level, and I think many people will be itching to get into this new technology.

Now off to some other sessions. I think Chris Webb’s talk is up next.

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