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November 11, 2010

So I’m in the middle of a presentation at SQLPASS, and thought I’d just write a blogpost. (Here’s the key – it’s the Zoom function)

My session is on the Incredible Shrinking Execution Plan, and the basic idea behind it is to demonstrate stuff that the Query Optimizer can do to avoid work. It’s much like some of the people I’ve worked with over the years…

Anyway – my audience is looking at me funny, so I’d better get back to it.

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  1. Doug

    I could care less 😉

  2. David Gardiner

    The other way to shrink your execution plan if you’re using Denali is to zoom out, now that SMSS is using the VS2010/WPF shell 🙂

  3. Dave Ballantyne

    Hope you had that pre-prepared,  dont type in demos 🙂

  4. Adam Machanic

    Dave: Rob needs to learn to type MORE in his demos. This would keep him from making jokes that no one in the audience finds to be funny. The real issue may be his rather obscure rural farmboy accent, and for that I recommend several years of language therapy. He also needs to discontinue his use of quaint terms like "boiled sweet," which brings his intelligence into question. Doesn’t he KNOW that it’s called "candy?"
    So yeah, a lot more typing. Please.

  5. Alexander Kuznetsov

    You really need to get your facts straight before you present. I am a C# developer, and we C# developers do not, repeat NOT, know how to write SELECT * FROM SomeTable. We don’t have to anymore – in 21st century LINQ does it for us ;).

  6. Rob Farley

    Haha – nice.
    And we all know about the kinds of queries that LINQ produces.

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