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December 24, 2010

Download it now via Thanks to Kendra Little for this photo!

Lots of people tell me they wish they’d heard my Lightning Talk from the PASS Summit. This was the one that was five minutes, in which I explained Collation using examples comparing US English, UK English and Australian English. At the end, I showed my Arsenal thongs. You can see a picture of them below. There was a visual joke involving the name Arsenal too…

After the recordings became available, I asked the PASS legal people, and they said I could do what I liked with my own five-minute set, so long as I didn’t sell it.

So I made an MP3. I’ve uploaded it to the LobsterPot Solutions web server, and provided an easy link via It’s a link straight to the MP3, and you’re welcome to download it, put it on your iPod, whatever you like.

And also feel free to write comments here, to let me know what you think.

Arsenal Thongs

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  1. Paul White

    A pink shirt and Arsenal jandals?  You sure?!?  🙂
    Loved the talk!

  2. Rob Farley

    Red, Paul, that’s a Red shirt. It’s one of my LobsterPot shirts. I think the pink tinge is just down to an effect that Kendra’s camera applied.

  3. Neil Hambly

    Yes Rob that does look like Red shirt to me and not a PINK one (Not !) Sorry couldn’t resist
    Great Talk though

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