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January 25, 2011

In honour of the regular T-SQL Tuesday blogging, the UnSQL theme started, looking at topics that were not directly SQL related, but nevertheless quite interesting. This is the brainchild of Jen McCown, who posted the second of these recently.

I’m actually a bit late in responding, as I haven’t got it in my head to look for these posts yet. Still, Jen says I can still contribute now, hence this post.

The theme this time is on Tech Giants.

I could list people all day for those I admire in the SQL Server space, and go on even longer if I branch out to other areas. But I actually want to highlight four guys that I admire so much for their skills, integrity and general awesomeness that I hired them.

Yes – the guys that work for me at LobsterPot Solutions, being Ben McNamara, David Gardiner, Roger Noble and Ashley Sewell. I admire them all, and they present the company with a platform on which to grow.

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