SQLRally Nordic gets underway

November 8, 2011

PASS is becoming more international, which is great.

The SQL Community has always been international – it’s not as if data is only generated in North America. And while it’s easy for organisations to have a North American focus, PASS is taking steps to become international. Regular readers will be aware that I’m one of three advisors to the PASS Board of Directors, with a focus on developing PASS as a more global organisation.

With this in mind, it’s great that today is Day 1 of SQLRally Nordic, being hosted in in Sweden – not only a non-American country, but one that doesn’t have English as its major language.

The event has been hosted by the amazing Johan Åhlén and Raoul Illyés, two guys who I met earlier this year, but the thing that amazes me is the incredible support that this event has from the SQL Community.

It’s been sold out for a long time, and when you see the list of speakers, it’s not surprising.

Some of the industry’s biggest names from Microsoft have turned up, including Mark Souza (who is also a PASS Director), Thomas Kejser and Tobias Thernström. Business Intelligence experts such as Jen Stirrup, Chris Webb, Peter Myers, Marco Russo and Alberto Ferrari are there, as are some of the most awarded SQL MVPs such as Itzik Ben-Gan, Aaron Bertrand and Kevin Kline. The sponsor list is also brilliant, with names such as HP, FusionIO, SQL Sentry, Quest and SolidQ complimented by Swedish companies like Cornerstone, Informator, B3IT and Addskills.

As someone who is interested in PASS becoming global, I’m really excited to see this event happening, and I hope it’s a launch-pad into many other international events hosted by the SQL community.

If you have the opportunity, thank Johan and Raoul for putting this event on, and the speakers and sponsors for helping support it. The noise from Twitter is that everything is going fantastically well, and everyone involved should be thoroughly congratulated!


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  1. Jen Stirrup

    Hi there,
    Thank you for highlighting the hard work that’s gone into SQLRally Nordic. I’ve been here for a few days and it has been a great event so far: well organised and there has been a very friendly atmosphere. It has been well worth the visit and I’d recommend everyone to come to the Nordic event next time (I hope that there will be one!)
    Rob – I also wanted to say ‘Thank You’ for our chats at SQLPass Summit about the SQLRally Nordic WIT lunch that was held here today in Sweden. It was good to bounce around some thoughts. For me, it was very important that it went well because it was our first WIT for the Nordic event, so we hoped to hit the right notes!
    Thanks for this: it’s great to let people see the work that’s gone into helping and supporting the Nordic sql community in its early days here in Sweden.

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