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August 5, 2014

We’re expanding!

I’m thrilled to announce that Microsoft Gold Partner LobsterPot Solutions has started another branch appointing the amazing Ted Krueger (5-time SQL MVP awardee) as the US lead. Ted is well-known in the SQL Server world, having written books on indexing, consulting and on being a DBA (not to mention contributing chapters to both MVP Deep Dives books). He is an expert on replication and high availability, and strong in the Business Intelligence space – vast experience which is both broad and deep.lp_usa_square

Ted is based in the south east corner of Wisconsin, just north of Chicago. He has been a consultant for eons and has helped many clients with their projects and problems, taking the role as both technical lead and consulting lead. He is also tireless in supporting and developing the SQL Server community, presenting at conferences across America, and helping people through his blog, Twitter and more.

Despite all this – it’s neither his technical excellence with SQL Server nor his consulting skill that made me want him to lead LobsterPot’s US venture. I wanted Ted because of his values. In the time I’ve known Ted, I’ve found his integrity to be excellent, and found him to be morally beyond reproach. This is the biggest priority I have when finding people to represent the LobsterPot brand. I have no qualms in recommending Ted’s character or work ethic. It’s not just my thoughts on him – all my trusted friends that know Ted agree about this.

So last week, LobsterPot Solutions LLC was formed in the United States, and in a couple of weeks, we will be open for business!

LobsterPot Solutions can be contacted via email at contact@lobsterpotsolutions.com, on the web at either www.lobsterpot.com.au or www.lobsterpotsolutions.com, and on Twitter as @lobsterpot_au and @lobsterpot_us.

Ted Kruger blogs at LessThanDot, and can also be found on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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  1. chris

    Congrats Rob, glad to see your team is doing well.

  2. jeff_yao

    Are you trying to add new staff to US office? 🙂

  3. Rob Farley

    Not just yet, Jeff.

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